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AB910 Service History
AB910 Service History

Designed to capture the elite form and character of the Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb AB910, these distinguished sculptures truly represent the heroism of an era.

The impeccable Spitfire Cuff Links and Pins are created exclusively using 100% aircraft-grade aluminium taken from the leading edge of Spitfire AB910’s most iconic feature – its elliptical wing. First built in 1941, this striking aircraft had a remarkable career, flying in both the D-Day landings and the legendary Dieppe Raid.

Following an extensive ‘major plus’ refurbishment ending in 2015, the entire leading edge of AB910’s wing was recovered and transported to the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter just five miles from the Castle Bromwich factory where it was originally built in 1941. Here, each design is meticulously crafted using the traditional ‘cire perdue’ casting process, a technique that varies slightly with each iteration rendering every piece unique. An individual Certificate of Provenance, signed and numbered by the creator of these outstanding pieces, accompanies each item.

With every purchase, a donation is made to the Royal Air Forces Association in order that they can continue their admirable work supporting service personnel and their families.

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